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I am an experienced technical writer as well as a writer of non-fiction and fiction pieces. Hire me to write your how-to guides for your software, articles for your website, updates for your social media, fluff for your RPG sourcebooks, scripts for your game... and more! I can work with both British English and US English spelling and terminology. Contact me to discuss your writing and editing needs.

Website development and usability testing

View my website portfolio

Want a website similar to this one? I can do that! It will be set up in such a way that you will easily be able to maintain the content on it yourself, if you choose to do this. I will write a how-to guide for all the things you will need to know to keep your website going. I can also conduct user testing on your website (or software) to find the low-hanging fruit you can work on to leave a positive impression on your clients.

However, if you would like someone to maintain the content on your website for you, or write it for you, I can do that, too! Contact me to discuss the work you'd like to have done.

Video editing

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I am available for editing music videos, Let's Plays, presentation videos, wedding videos and other events that require a large amount of footage to be sifted for gems. Contact me about your project to get started.

Game development

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When it comes to game development, my focus is on writing and usability. That said, I'm open assisting with coding, producing and QA on small development teams. Contact me to discuss what you need help with on your next indie game!

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