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Writing portfolio

I have been writing professionally for over ten years. I co-authored the book Twitter for Museums, and have contributed speculative fiction pieces to a number of independently produced print and digital collections. I have also written over a hundred thousand words across multiple games.

Below you can find some examples of my work.

Technical writing and analysis

I can create software guides, conduct heuristic reviews, and compile case studies and reports. Please find below an example of my reporting skills, more examples available upon request.

Recent articles

Here is a selection of articles I wrote for the WA Career Centre:

Science communication

Over my time working with Scitech and Astronomy WA, I produced many science-based articles for their websites. Example article: 'Crazy' ideas taken seriously.

Games writing

Please see my game portfolio page for links to games I have contributed writing for, along with games I have written solo.

General fiction

I contributed three short stories to the Favorite Memories publication on Gumroad. Below is an excerpt from one of the pieces I contributed, From the Wings:

Zen practices his breathing exercises, pleased with how much control he has over the ebb and flow of his breath. With each exhalation, he imagines pushing out the lingering uncertainty in his chest. Gradually, his pulse slows.


It's not enough.

So, he focuses on the rows of signed photographs lining the dressing room walls. Each one, a performer who has graced the stage not a minute's walk from his dressing room. Each one, a name he recognises.

After tonight, his photograph will be there, too. He pictures the perfect place for it, just over the mirrors. That way, anyone about to go onstage will be buoyed by the strength of his statuesque features.

Positive self-talk: check.

Adjusting his collar in the mirror, he casts one last look over himself, and nods.

Yes. That’s right.

Everything is perfect.

His outfit. His makeup. His performance.

That’s all that matters.

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