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Website portfolio

I have been building websites for over fifteen years, across a variety of platforms. At various points in my career I have worked on all aspects of this process - from setting up web servers (Ubuntu and IIS) and installing content management systems, to designing the visuals and information architecture, user testing, creating content, and writing custom CMS modules. I have worked with Joomla, Wordpress, Kentico, SharePoint and Drupal websites.

For an example of my heuristic analysis and usability testing work, see this review I performed for the Career Centre (PDF).


Career Centre

Wayback Machine link (Why I use Wayback Machine)

During my time with Career Centre, I lead multiple projects for this website, including an assessment and redevelopment of the information architecture, upgrade of the website from SharePoint 2007 to 2013, along with managing the website's vast content (over 500 pages). I also maintained Career Centre's social media accounts, and produced a series of how-to guides to assist other staff in updating and writing website content.



Wayback Machine link

I worked on the design, information architecture and user testing for the Scitech website. I also ran projects to migrate the website from pure html/css into Joomla, and customised Joomla modules.

During my time with Scitech, I also initiated and created the strategy documents for their Facebook and Twiter accounts, and wrote the majority of their social media updates over my time as an employee.


Astronomy WA

Wayback Machine link

I was part of the content creation team brought together for developing this website as part of Western Australia's bid for the Square Kilometre Array telescope. My role included writing articles and updating content on the website, as well as reviewing and creating the information architecture, and maintaining the Joomla CMS this website ran on.


Science Network WA

Wayback Machine link

I maintained all the technical aspects of this website, such as updating the security patches for the CMS and server. I also wrote a customised Joomla module for this website to allow tagging of news articles where additional contextual information was stored with each tag, allowing users to filter and discover scientific research with a higher degree of precision based on the sort of information they were looking for.

I also work with intranets!

Due to the very nature of intranets and privacy agreements, I can't share photos of client's active intranets, but I have designed, built and maintained intranets for five different organisations over my career, including the intranet for Scitech, and was invited to speak at the Sydney SHARE conference to share my experiences redeveloping the WA State Government DCPFS intranet. If your staff are finding it impossible to locate anything on your intranet, or you are building one for the first time, I'd love to assist with making your intranet work for your business!

Why are your website links Wayback Machine links?

Due to the ever-changing nature of the web, most of the websites I have worked on have since been modified. Where it makes sense to do so, I link to Wayback Machine versions of these websites that display them (roughly) as they were when I was involved with them.

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