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Video portfolio

Examples of my video editing work. You can see even more at my YouTube channel.

Editing footage to music

Short video cut to dramatic music.

Highlight reels

This Werewolf performance was recorded on a single Huawei P20 mobile phone. I edited the footage in such a way as to give the impression of a wider variety of shots, and corrected audio synching issues. Werewolf is now using this video on their channel to showcase their work!

Audio editing and substitution

During the recording of this Let's Play, the capture of the game audio cut out about halfway into the video without warning. So I replaced the game music with credited Creative Commons music, and replaced key sound effects in a similar way. You can hear my substitutions from about 14 minutes onwards, with several notable ones at 18:48 on.

Video-in-video and audio synch correction

When the game footage and webcam footage were recorded simultaneously, there was an issue where the webcam continually dropped frames, leading to both the webcam audio and video being out of synch with the game footage and each other.

So to fix this, I carefully trimmed the webcam audio and video feeds and matched up each game event with key footage from the webcam, piecing things together until things appeared to be shot together as intended.

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