About me

I fell in love with writing fiction and messing around with computer programming as a child, and found myself fascinated with how each reader could take away different things from the same story. Getting into website and game development from there just made so much sense to me. Both mediums are places where stories can easily shift into something tailored to the person experiencing them, along with the more traditional interaction of the author's framework and the reader's imagination.

I took this fascination with dynamic storytelling all the way to university, graduating with a Bachelor of Multimedia. Since then, I have worked as a website developer, technical writer, copy writer and usability expert for science museums, small to medium enterprises and government agencies, before branching out on my own as a freelancer.

In my free time: I just write more. Wait, what's with that look on your face?

Sassa in monochrome

Monochrome me

One of my robot arm sketches.

Okay, look. I do have hobbies. I'm an avid tai chi practitioner, and have won gold at state level for my 32 step yang sword and 24 step yang bare hand routines. I'm working my way up to be good enough to compete at the nationals some time in the next couple years!


I also love doodling machines (robot arms are my faves) and have a disturbing number of hours accrued in Rimworld.


I want to own more board games than could feasibly fit inside my apartment.

I love animals, big shady trees, and spending time around both.


In the summer you'll find me snorkeling around the natural limestone caves on the Swan River, and in winter you will not find me as I will be indoors under three blankets, watching the raindrops on the window like they're the latest episode of [hi, reader, please insert your favourite TV series here].


See? Reader interaction! (Imagine me leaning forward and spreading my hands wide as I say this. Thanks!)

I love chickens. These are my family's.