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Werewolf gig highlights

Perth's indie music scene is going from strength to strength, and I'm thrilled to contribute to it in a small way via my work with Werewolf. I highly recommend taking a listen to their music on their website or via the highlights reel below, but be warned: there is no known cure for being exposed to their mix of rock, dirty blues and moonlit madness. You will want more. You will need more.

The footage below was taken from one of Werewolf's July 2019 live shows at The Den. I loved the layout of this stage, and the lighting was fantastic. Some pub venues stages wind up having a band member or two stranded on one side of the stage in darkness, but everyone got to have their time in the limelight... bluelight... at the Den.

Can you believe this was all edited from footage from a single mobile phone? Okay, maybe the graininess of the close-ups clued you in, but it's a great example of how you can get your band's performances out there on a shoestring budget. Werewolf really smashed this performance, and I'm hyped to see them continue to wow audiences both in Perth and overseas!


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