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Thanks to all you wonderful backers, Pipe Dream is fully funded!

Pipe Dream is a visual novel from Notome Games. A couple years ago, they contracted me to write three of the six character routes for their game, and it's a thrill to see they're now in the final stages of production.

Want to know more? Read my Pipe Dream blog post, or download the demo below:

sassa 400px wide.png

Portrait by Fo. View more of their art!

Hi, I'm Wendy. I'm an experienced technical writer, with a strong ICT background.

Over the years, my technical writing work has included:

  • tender and grant applications,

  • heuristic reviews,

  • staff training materials,

  • product reference architectures, and

  • ghost-writing for science communication and ICT blogs.

And I don't just work with words.

I am fluent in HTML, CSS, and web scripting languages, including PHP. I can create tutorial videos, and run training workshops. I've even worked on a few indie games as both a writer and a developer.

I bring a mix of analytical and creative thinking to everything I do. Nothing excites me more than a new puzzle to solve. 

I am not currently available to take on new projects, due to my existing client base being so incredibly supportive - thank you for choosing me again and again, folks! 

...though, you know, if there's any mysterious angel investors out there who want to fully fund my next game project, Underwater Story... feel free to hit me up any time...

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